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Dick's picaMy actual name is Dyonisius Visser, but people have called me Dick forever. I am 49 years old and live in Amsterdam. Having been a UNIX system and network engineer for 15 years at TERENA, I recently became a Trust & Identity Service Operations manager at GÉANT (a merger between TERENA and DANTE).  I use open source solutions wherever possible.
From September 2007 I was a student at the Master System & Network Engineering of the University of Amsterdam; I graduated in June 2009.

This weblog is a collection of mostly technical articles that I find worth putting online. On my GEANT wiki page and are a few interesting articles as well.
Every now and then I write articles about personal, social or economic issues.


  1. Hi Dick,

    i got a question regarding your nbu to vcf converter. before finding this webpage, i tried to write one on my own. my version lacks correct encoding-conversion. what language is your converter written in? do you have a hint for me how to convert (using unix/perl)

    greetz, Sören

  2. Hi Dick :),

    Just want to pay my dues and leave a comment! Love your converter and some of the tips and advice on this site!


  3. Hoi Dick,

    doe jij nog steeds computerreparaties? Heb vrees ik weer je hulp nodig.. Alles goed verder?

    Groetjes, ook van Koos,


  4. Hoi Dick,

    doe jij nog steeds computerreparaties. Heb, vrees ik, je hulp wederom nodig. Laat het me even weten svp.
    Alles goed verder?? Nog bezig met je master?

    Groet, ook van Koos,


  5. Hi Dick,

    i’ve got a problem on your email smtp validation.

    it won’t work when i put it on my website via ftp.

    but it works in your demo.

    can you give me some help or advice or a copy of the demo on your site (which works)

    Thanks In Advanc


  6. Sir,

    You are a hero. Having spent days and days trying to backup the Contacts (all 384 of them) from my Nokia 6500 Classic, I found your website that converts the Nokia PC suite .nbu file into a zipped set of .vcf files. 2 seconds later, problem solved. If only Nokia would pay you something for fixing their rubbish code, the world would be just. Thanks a million!

  7. Hello,

    Can you please provide the guidance related to “PHP Email address validation with Verify”, as i have get the error like “None of the mailservers listed for gmail.com could be contacted”

    Kindly reply

  8. Great job, on a great site, thanks for all your info (I’ve read a lot of it), I’m so glad that you put so much effort into it. Thank you so much!

    Ga zo door kerel, echt super!

  9. Dick helped me really good with the transfer of my contacts from my Nokia N95 to my new Samsung Galaxy S2. It took me hours with no succes and Dick fixed it in a couple of minutes!

  10. Hoi Dick,
    Het was heel prettig luisteren naar de opgeschoonde bommelverhalen. Helaas kan ik er niet meer bij?! Wat is daar aan te doen?

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