Dell Latitude 2110 running Windows 7 64 bit

Dell Latitude 2110
Last week I received a shiny new Dell Latitude 2100 netbook.
I picked this laptop to replace our old D610s, which cannot run Windows 7.
As soon as I deployed my Windows 7 64 bit image onto it, I saw that a lot of devices were missing a driver.
Unfortunately the Dell support site does only lists 32 bit Windows 7 drivers when you select Latitude 2110 as your model 🙁 However, some of the installers you download actually include both 32 and 64 bit drivers. Eventually I managed to get everything going:

Dell wireless 375 Bluetooth Module

Driver from 32 bit Windows 7 list also contains 64 bit driver.

Dell WLAN card

Driver from 32 bit Windows 7 list (for 1397, 1501, 1520, 15xx WLAN half minicard) also contains 64 bit driver.

Onboard gigabit NIC

Drivers on Dell site are only 32 bit. You will have to download a driver directly from the Broadcom site.

Graphics card

The listed Dell driver for the Intel GMA3150 video card is only 32 bit, so you will have to download that directly from the Intel site.

Free fall sensor

This is one of the unknown devices. The listed Dell driver (ST Microelectronics DE351DL) contains 64 bit drivers as well.
Strange to have this in a laptop with SSD, but I guess it just comes with the motherboard or something.

Card reader

This is the SD card reader on the front. The listed Dell driver (Realtek RTS5208) contains 64 bit drivers as well.

The 64 GB SSD disk is a Samsung and luckily this disk has firmware VBM24D1Q, which is known to support the TRIM command.


  1. Thanks –

    Also, I was wondering if anyone had success with running Win7 on a Dell Latitude 2110 with the touch screen? That’s one of the noteboooks that we use for Video-Coaching. 64-bit would provide a nice performance boost, but I wouldn’t want to lost the touch-screen support.


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