Heartbreak Ridge

Action movie from 1986 starring Clint Eastwood as hard boiled gunnery sergeant Tom Highway, trying to make real soldiers out of a spoiled platoon.

While entering for the first time he makes this very clear. After the guys refuse to turn off the music, he throws the radio to the other side of the room, smashes a pool stick on the table, and kicks the bin. Then these famous words are spoken:

Your ass is mine!
I’m here to tell you all, that live as you know it has ended. You might as well go all to town tonight, you might as well laugh and make fools of yourselves, rub your pathetic little peckers up against your honey, or stick it in a knothole in the fence. But whatever it is, get rid of it – because at 0600 tomorrow… your ass is mine!”

Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqM_tPumTZI.

Too bad we can’t hire this guy to teach some discipline 😉

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