H.264 Encoding for Android

After some experimenting it turned out that H.264 video needs to be encoded using the Baseline Profile for the HTC Hero (running Android 1.5) to be able to play it. High Profile will not play at all on the phone. Main Profile will play, but gives an entirely green video – unusable.

Sysprep Windows 7 & Secunia PSI

I am cooking up an unattended Windows 7 installation image for our users. This is done by carefully preparing a Reference VM using the Audit Mode. This basically means it logs on as administrator, and after sysprepping with the new CopyProfile option, this becomes the profile for newly created users. I ran into an issue… Continue reading Sysprep Windows 7 & Secunia PSI

Bootcamp FAT32 vs. NTFS

When installing Windows XP on a Mac, BootCamp creates a FAT32 partition for Windows, with ID “BOOTCAMP”. When you remove that partition during the Windows installation process, and replace it with an NTFS one, Windows will happily install, but fail upon reboot with: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:… Continue reading Bootcamp FAT32 vs. NTFS

‘Onze welvaart is geleend’

Op vrijdag 14 augustus verscheen in de HP/De Tijd een interview met Kees de Kort. Kees de Kort (52), financieel analist bij AFS Capital Management en beurscommentator bij BNR Nieuwsradio, staat bekend als somberste econoom van Nederland. Een gesprek over onterechte koersstijgingen en falende toezichthouders. ‘De reële economie staat er nu nog slechter voor en… Continue reading ‘Onze welvaart is geleend’

RoundCube email hangs on “Sending message…”

While configuring one of my clients RoundCube installation in combination with Plesk, it would work almost OK, except that when sending mails RoundCube would hang at the spinner with “Sending message…”. After some digging it turns out that the Plesk-bundled PEAR module directory was before the RoundCube bundled PEAR modules directory. Both contain Mail_Mime, but… Continue reading RoundCube email hangs on “Sending message…”

550 User on holiday

Usually vacation messages are sent from userland software, but that option has the disadvantage that you still receive lots of messages during your holiday. Also, because the mailserver accepted the message, you have the responsibility to handle it. In order to get around this, configure your mail server with a custom permanant error for your… Continue reading 550 User on holiday

Running Secunia PSI as non-admin

Your machine was compromised (again!) by malware you caught up somewhere on the web. Sick and tired of it you went looking for a solution and after reading my religious Non-Admin HOWTO you decided to bite the bullet and downgrade yourself to the Users group. To keep all your applications up-to-date you installed Secunia PSI,… Continue reading Running Secunia PSI as non-admin

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Een goed begin…

Is het halve werk. Donderdagochtend met Vincent naar Scheveningen gereden om de nieuwjaarsduik te doen 🙂

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Michiel Meurs & Dorknoper

Is het iemand al eens opgevallen welke fysieke gelijkenis er is tussen Michiel Meurs, de voormalig financieel directeur van Ahold, en ambtenaar eerste klasse Dorknoper?

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