UTF8 Generator

While developing web applications you of course want to be fully compliant, and your shiny app should not croak on a few funky characters. You want to test this, but it always is a pain to come up with a few lines that contain the really freaky shit. Until now 🙂

Use the form on this page to convert your text to UTF-8 characters that visually match the original ASCII ones. You could also use this form to generate your custom MSN nicknames. Characters are randomized, so keep pressing the button to get another version.

Have fun 😉

2 Replies to “UTF8 Generator”

  1. This is excellent!

    If one might make a suggestion, it would be very handy to also display the byte-length of the resulting UTF-8-ized string. This would be useful when string lengths must be arbitrarily limited, as in a WiFi SSID which must be no more than 32 bytes.

    Thanks for making this!

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