Hoorspel Bommel – de missende podcast

De NPS zond vanaf 5 februari 2007 een hoorspelserie uit in 440 delen, op basis van ongeveer 75 Bommelverhalen. Op de website van de NPS kunnen de geluidsbestanden nog beluisterd worden: http://www.ntr.nl/nps/bommel/ Er is een ook een pagina met meer informatie: http://www.heerbommel.info/info/bommel-hoorspel De NPS publiceert een podcast van de Bommelverhalen: http://feeds.nps.nl/bommel, maar deze lijkt slechts twee… Continue reading Hoorspel Bommel – de missende podcast

GalleryRemote on Windows 7 64-bit

The default install of GalleryRemote on Windows 7 64-bit works, but the client image resizing does not. This is a pain, especially these days with digital pictures that are sometimes over 10 MB. The problem was the ImageMagick library. I found this to work for me: Install Imagamagick Pick the Q16-windows-x64-static.exe version of Imagemagick, latest… Continue reading GalleryRemote on Windows 7 64-bit

Google Apps IMAP migration

I have recently moved to Google Apps. One of the nice things is that you can have IMAP access so you can keep using the MUA of your choice. If you have the paid version (Premier Edition), IMAP migration can be done smoothly using the migration tools, which suck messages from your old IMAP account… Continue reading Google Apps IMAP migration

H.264 Encoding for Android

After some experimenting it turned out that H.264 video needs to be encoded using the Baseline Profile for the HTC Hero (running Android 1.5) to be able to play it. High Profile will not play at all on the phone. Main Profile will play, but gives an entirely green video – unusable.

Sysprep Windows 7 & Secunia PSI

I am cooking up an unattended Windows 7 installation image for our users. This is done by carefully preparing a Reference VM using the Audit Mode. This basically means it logs on as administrator, and after sysprepping with the new CopyProfile option, this becomes the profile for newly created users. I ran into an issue… Continue reading Sysprep Windows 7 & Secunia PSI